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Arne Deforce

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Arne Deforce (°1962) studied contemporary music, cello and chamber music at the Ghent and Brussels Conservatories. He is renowned for his performances of contemporary and experimental music. Deforce improvises with live-electronics and in mixed media performances with a.o. Peter Jacquemyn, Mikka Vaino, Phil Niblock and Visual Kitchen. He also developed projects with the Centre Henri Pousseur, Ircam and Gram. His artistic questioning of acquired attitudes toward listening has led to regular collaborations with composers such as Jonathan Harvey, Hector Parra, Wolfgang Rihm en Helmut Lachenmann. Richard Barrett, Luc Brewaeys and Alvin Curran, among others, wrote compositions for him.

Deforce is active in ChampdAction and Ictus and plays in a duo with pianist Daan Vandewalle. He performs solo recitals and chamber music concerts, gives lecture performances and lectures music history and chamber music at the Conservatory in Bruges.

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