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Daan Vandewalle

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Daan Vandewalle studied at the Conservatory of Ghent, Belgium with Claude Coppens and at Mills College, California with Alvin Curran. Vandewalle is a new music specialist, with a strong focus on 20th and 21th century American piano music.

Ever since his debut in 1992 at the Ars Musica festival his recitals and projects have increasingly become more diverse and challenging. He improvised together with David Moss, Fred Frith, Han Bennink, Chris Cutler and Tom Cora on different European festivals. His programmes are often highly unusual both on a technical or intellectual level, often combining the classical repertoire with premieres of new works written especially for him by different composers, among whom Frith, Newman, Rzewski, Curran, De Alvear and Barlowe. He collaborated with many music ensembles such as The Simpletones, ChampdAction, Tense Serenity, Vapori del Cuori, Sonic Youth and Ostravska banda. Vandewalle forms a piano duo with Geoffrey Douglas Madge.

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