Classical music
from Flanders


Francis Pollet

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Francis Pollet graduate in bassoon and chamber music in Antwerp, obtaining a pedagogical certificate for both disciplines, and a diploma Performing Musician Bassoon in Rotterdam. Pollet took private bassoon lessons with Brian Pollard and orchestral conducting with Frits Celis and Sylveer Van den Broeck. At eighteen, Pollet was a soloist at Vlaamse Opera (today Opera Ballet Vlaanderen). In the 1980s, he performed with various orchestras in Flanders and the Netherlands. He also collaborated closely with I Fiamminghi for fifteen years.

During the past few years, Pollet has been working as a freelance bassoon soloist; he teaches bassoon at the Academie voor Muziek, Woord en Dans in Lier, and bassoon and chamber music at the Conservatory in Antwerp. In addition to this, he is artistic and general director of the wind players ensemble I SOLISTI.


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