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Frank Nuyts

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Frank Nuyts (°1957) studied percussion, chamber music and piano in the Royal Conservatory of Music in Ghent as well as composition with Lucien Goethals and Karel Goeyvaerts at IPEM, Institute of Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music. After initially writing post-serial compositions, around 1985 he stylistically veers towards post-modernism: elements of the so-called commercial music are from then on imbedded in compositions which remain multi-layered although rhythmically less complex. In 1989, together with Iris De Blaere, he set up the cross-over septet Hardscore. Since then, he has also produced an extensive and varied oeuvre: concerti, symphonies, chamber operas, piano sonatas and vocal compositions.

In 2014, Hardscore is rebooted, with visuals of Fabien DeLathauwer, leading to a commission of music centre De Bijloke for the 2015 Carbon fixation programme.

Nuyts teaches composition at the Ghent School of Arts. With De Blaere he founds the new En Avant Mars festival for De Bijloke.


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