Classical music
from Flanders


Godfried-Willem Raes

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Godfried-Willem Raes (°1952) is a composer, musician and instrument builder. In addition to musicology with Jan Broeckx and philosophy with Leo Apostel, Raes studied piano, clarinet, percussion and composition with Louis De Meester and Norbert Rousseau. He published numerous critical essays, polemic and technical-scientific articles in specialist journals.

Having a profound knowledge of electronic measure and design techniques, in analogue as well as digital electronics, Raes builds and develops quarter-tone instruments, such as the Quartertone Automated Pipe Organ or <Qt> and the automated aeolian cello or <Aeio>.

At the end of the 1960s, Raes founded the Logos-group, which in the last two decennia of the 20th century was mainly active as the Logos duo with Moniek Darge, and today as leader of the Man & Machine robot orchestra. His musical repertoire comprises mostly his own and collective Logos work and vocal work from older avant-garde movements such as futurism, Dada and Fluxus.


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