Classical music
from Flanders


Joachim Brackx

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Joachim Brackx (°1975) studied composition at the Conservatory in Ghent with Godfried-Willem Raes. As a singer he has toured with several internationally acclaimed choirs such as Currende, Collegium Vocale and Anima Eterna.

After working as a guest lecturer composition at the Ghent Conservatory and junior chair new music at KU Leuven, and after compiling programmes for classical radio station Klara, Brackx chose to work full time as a composer. The commissions from several ensembles, institutions and production companies clearly focussed on vocal music. His recent explorations for expression and the urge to collaborate with creative minds working in different domains brought him into contact with music theatre, opera, contemporary dance and performance art. After a composer-in-residence season with music theatre company Transparant, Brackx found the time was ripe to elaborate his personal view on music theatre in his own artistic laboratory, the young production company Nabla.

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