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The Orpheus Institute for advanced studies and research in music has been providing an enriching educational and research environment for musicians since 1996. The Orpheus Research Centre, home to some 35 artist-researchers, addresses discipline-specific questions. Throughout the research centre’s activities, there is a clear focus on the development of a young research discipline in the arts: one that addresses questions and topics at the heart of the artist’s musical practice. The Orpheus Institute has grown into a leading European centre for artistic research in music and an influential driving force for new developments in artistic practice.

Since 2004, Orpehus Institute offers the first doctoral programme 'docARTES' for performers and composers in collaboration with Flemish and Dutch partner institutions. docARTES provides a 4-year doctoral curriculum, consisting of research and training. It allows doctoral students to develop their artistic qualities, broaden their academic knowledge and expand their methodological skills. docARTES is now one of Europe’s leading doctoral schools in music. The institute also offers other smaller educational programmes: the laureate programme, the advanced chamber music course, and the online course (MOOC) ‘Artistic Research in Music – an Introduction.’

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