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from Flanders


Revue Blanche

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Formed in 2010, Revue Blanche is a vocal-instrumental chamber music ensemble with a richly coloured combination of soprano, viola, harp and flute. The ensemble was named ‘Revue Blanche’, after the French art and literary magazine published at the end of the 19th century. White is the sum of the entire colour spectrum and hints at the idea of the blank canvas, anxiously waiting for opinions and reflections to be written upon it. This influential idea segues smoothly into the aesthetics this ensemble focuses on, resulting in an ongoing search for interesting repertoire.

Revue Blanche is also open to other contemporary art forms: they produce multidisciplinary programmes fusing visual arts, dance, literature and electronic music. The ensemble received the VRT-Klara Young Talent Award in 2013 and the YAMaward in 2016.

© Kylli Sparre


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