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Roeland Hendrikx

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Roeland Hendrikx is a Belgian clarinet player. For many years, he played principal clarinet with the Belgian National Orchestra, but in 2017, he decided to start a solo career. However, he still advocates chamber music with his own Roeland Hendrikx Ensemble, which he established in 2015, and which focuses on the repertoire for clarinet, piano and strings.

As a soloist, Hendrikx has performed with, amongst others, the Belgian National Orchestra, Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, Brussels Philharmonic, I Fiamminghi, the Beethoven Academy, the Limberg Symphonic Orchestra, the Georgia Philharmonic, the Symphonic Orchestra of Lithuania and the Philharmonia Orchestra of Hagen.

Hendrikx teaches clarinet at the Maastricht Conservatory (NL) and the LUCA School of Arts in Leuven.


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